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Boat Rental Curacao

Don’t miss the different tours Boat trips Curacao has to offer. Enjoy an unforgettable cruise along the Spanish waters, while enjoying a drink and learn more about the history of Curacao. See Curacaos most spectacular villas, yachts and private islands and get to know everything about them, while sipping on a drink and enjoying a cheese platter. Especially during the summer months, crowds from all over the Netherlands and the Caribbean gather to rent a boat in Curacao and sail through the Spanish water. At Boat Trips Curacao, you can rent a spot on the boat so you won’t have to pay for the whole boat or if you want to be with just your family or friends, you can rent the whole boat. Isn’t that just amazing? We agree! You won’t forget this amazing experience for  prices starting from only $35 per person.

Boat Rental to cruise through the Spanish water

The Spanish water is the most beautiful and famous place to rent a boat in Curacao, the Spanish water is the place to be for a whole day of fun. Nowadays, the Spanish Water is more popular than ever. Surrounded by countryside you will spot villas of celebrities, athletes and even the Dutch royal family. Boat trips Curacao is a luxury boat experience around the Spanish water. Our licensed captain will provide the best experience for you and guide you through the Spanish water, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. So book your boat rental in Curacao and see the most beautiful places of the Caribbean. Click here for more information. We can’t wait to see you on the Red Snapper!